Violence Makes The World Go Round

I think this topic perfectly sets the tone for this blog.

This is a controversial idea. In a world where we denounce violence and so many people suffer every day because of war and terrorism and crime, here I am saying it is necessary in a human society and it is a important part of human life.

In many lawless societies like Pakistan and Afghanistan or Somalia, there are multiple agents – people or organization entity like the Taliban who have the control of the means to maximum violence and destruction.

In most societies that is the “government” or the civilian leadership. In some societies that is the army itself. In some societies it is neither and a third party like in Afghanistan. (where the Taliban control society mostly).

In societies where courts are a joke like in India there are out of court means of violence in the form of organized crime and political crimes.

Going away from such extreme examples. At the foundation level of every “advanced” society like the Netherlands or the USA – there is a high degree of confident in the rule of law. In the idea that contracts can be enforced. There is confidence that both parties have deterrance from defaulting on ones end of the bargain.

There is promise that the other can be taken to court.

There is promise that the court will rule on what is just and what has been agreed upon.

There is promise that at the absence of compliance to the judgement of a court a fine will be issued.

There is a promise that when the court fine is not honored, the issue can be further escalated into a criminal contempt of court proceeding

There is promise that in such a case the agents of violence can be sent to inflict violence at the lack of compliance to the demand to come with the agent to jail/prison.

As long as there is an ability to commit violence there will be violence. And the promise of even greater violence is what keeps violence in check though it does not completely eliminate it.

Violence solves everything. If it is monopolized by the right party and it is understood with 100% confidence that just methods will be used to inflict them without doubt, inflict them efficiently and sufficiently.